What’s The One Thing You Want Most Right Now for Your Business?

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This is about your marketing plan. If there is one thing you want most right now for your business, and I tell you have to pick one thing in 30 seconds or less without thinking about it too much, what would it be?

  • More customers?
  • More traffic?
  • Better margins, earnings?
  • To know what you get for your marketing?
  • How to automate stuff people do now manually?
  • Other?

Clarity and confidence comes from your marketing plan. It needs to be a solid plan, well thought out, with the right people doing the work to sell your product or service. Think of all the “moving parts” and hard-working, creative people you and I need to grow and succeed in business. In life.

How do you get better focus and clarity?

Commit to it, first. You see something you want. You really want it. In your head you make a plan and you go for it. What about the rest of your team? We need to know where you’re going and we need to count on you to be consistently clear with us.

If you want a better business result, that really important one thing, what are you willing to do to get it, by when? Change. It’s a bitch. But you better suck it up and get serious about your marketing plan of attack if you want better sales, marketing and business results. Plan.

Yes, plan, focus, commit and do the work. If you want better marketing results, you need a better marketing plan. How do you think any team wins the NFL Championship, or any other major victory? Plan, fail, learn, adapt.

What one thing will you go for next? Make sure you have the right people, product and process, including your action plan to keep everyone focused and accountable. Happy, too!

When we teach, coach and facilitate the CME Sales & Digital Marketing Action planning process we guarantee the process will work or your money back. That’s how strongly we believe in our process. We know because we’ve shared this action planning process with hundreds of successful CEO’s, business owners, freelancers, self employed professionals and entrepreneurs.

What’s your one thing, right now?

Leave a comment below, please! This is important because we want to hear from you … your one thing. Then, hatch a plan to attack and get you want you want.

We always appreciate your shares, referrals, questions and comments below.

Enjoy the video.

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