100 Sales Calls A Day-What Would That Be Like for Your Small Business?

Making Sales Calls – How Many Is Enough?

Here’s the deal. I am a old-school sales guy first. 30+ years of direct selling experience. That means “making sales calls.”

But I am also a marketing guy. Old school meaning I cut my teeth with corporate brands like Ritz Carlton, Le Meridien Hotels, The Phoenician Resort. And so on.

About 10 years ago I was just curious enough to get on the digital bus. Remember the days? “You’ve Got Mail!”

(Yippee. We were so excited about email then.)

But I digress.

I am going to make a bold assessment here based on what I see every day with small business owners and organizations driven to market and grow.

No one is making enough sales calls. Period.

That’s right.

So what would happen if you had someone on your team, your shadow, working by your side all day long, logging into your CRM (you do have one, right?).

The log in every day and dial. They call your list of prospects. They book and confirm your appointments. They keep you at the top of their game.

What would that look like for your business?

– Appointment setting calls.
– Contact update calls.
– Survey calls. (80% response rates by phone?)
– Invite to event calls.

You guys asked for case studies. So here’s a video of real pipeline. I don’t get into the specifics of the company or what is being sold. But it’s a real funnel.

They are real numbers. Meaning it’s a live campaign right now.

With 40% conversion rates at the top of the funnel. (We connect with 40% of the people we attempt to reach. Compare that to email-only marketing. No comparison, right?)

Enjoy the video.

We always appreciate your comments and questions here on the CME blog.

To your success!

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