Four Steps To Better Sales And Marketing Results – Step Three.

Most small business owners and executives will tell us that they fundamentally embrace sales and marketing disciplines for success in any business. Yet, when you take a close look at the practices and disciplines you and your team need to focus on to get where yoiu want to go, these are the core steps to take at the beginning of your process, start up or even a product launch.When it comes to sales and marketing results and the success of your business

I started by sharing the two initial steps to take with your team and small business for getting better sales and marketing results …

1. Have a plan of action, a Roadmap, you and your entire team commits to using.

2. Appoint a Pathfinder, someone who is qualified to lead your team in sales and marketing, if possible for one person in your organization. Larger organizations require more than one, senior executive to lead both sales and marketing.

Today, the third step in getting better sales and marketing results is …

Share your Vision for your organization with your entire team including every single 1099 and W-2 employee you have on your payroll. Your Vision is what you see happening in 3-5 years, maybe even longer out depending on how big you want to think.

You would be amazed at how often we see that people working in the business, someone answering the phones who is absolutely crucial to the marketing success of every organization whether they know it or not, have no clue what the hell is going on with the business. Heck, in some places it’s a miracle if the person answering the phones knows the people who run the place!

I always look for this when filtering my experience as a customer or adviser. Does everyone in the business know what the vision you have in your head looks like, today? Today is key because if you’re like most entrepreneurs one of the things you have to be most vigilant about is focus. Because if the Vision you have in your own head keeps changing too often, whether you tell people on your team or not, they will know you need help with …

Focus! Focus is key to Vision because if you can really see what you want in the future, if you can FEEL it like I can sometimes, then it’s going to happen. Unless the Universe has other plans for us which we all know can happen; a new competitor, the government changes the rules, a health crisis, a partnership gone bad. This is where acceptance comes into play because while we talk about all this great planning and action stuff for sales, marketing and business, God laughs.

I find there’s a fine line between living in the “Now” and creating a bold Vision for the future of your life or your business. I commit to both by developing my inner sense of appreciation for what is happening in the present and to working “On” my life vision, which almost always includes my business. I am blessed to have a “major definite purpose” defined in my life; helping people like you find your purpose, tell a great marketing story that engages the right people, and helping them get what they want!

What this means to you is create a bold, intentional Vision and share it with your team. Balance this with the reality of having to focus on your plan of action, the road map I talk and write about all the time. (This is your road map if you keep following my blog over the days and weeks ahead. Patience is a virtue, right?)

Back to Vision … what is your Vision for your organization and how bold will you dare to be creating it with serious, highly-energized intention?

I always appreciate your comments, questions and suggestions here on the Conversion Marketing Experts blog.

To your success and happiness.

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