The UnBounce Killer? Convrrt Launches Coming Into Infusionsoft’s #ICON15

Hey, don't get me wrong ... most of us love Unbounce and another heavy favorite for the marketing automation and conversion world, LeadPages.

They both have their pluses and minuses for sure. For example, when I did my trial for Unbounce and worked to design a couple of landing pages myself the lesson learned was, "Hire a freaking professional designer." Both are intended to be easy to use and integrate with most marketing automation platforms, including Infusionsoft.

Like LeadPages, Unbounce offers some pretty solid templates. Of course, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder and we've all seen butt-ugly landing pages print conversions and money. Go figure. Give me data!

Enter Convrrt ... all I can say is I was introduced to these guys by a client, I met them, saw what they built and thought, "Even a doofus like me might be able to design a killer sales funnel!" I haven't finished my test drive yet but from what I can see so far, these guys are going to crush it. Here's why...

1. Convrrt is built by guys who got frustrated serving their clients as a digital agency. That means as top pros in the business, even they were frustrated trying to knock out killer converting marketing campaigns.

2. It's easy to use. Just check it out for yourself.

3. It's makes building campaigns in Infusionsoft, their first major marketing automation partner, easy. Really easy. Again, I am test drive, beta mode still. I'll be back to you soon with a demonstration by the guys over at Convrrt.

In the meantime, just know these dudes are rolling into Infusionsoft's annual conference, ICON15, next week in downtown Phoenix. If you don't have tickets yet you can still get them here. Be there.

Take a peak at Convrrt and meet two of the three guys making it a reality. Once you "get on the Convrrt bus" please come back and tell us what you think.

To your continued success!

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