The Power of Keeping Score for Digital and Content Marketing Campaigns

When it comes to digital and content marketing campaigns, who’s keeping score for you? How useful is that information, real-time and historical, to you, your team, and your bottom line?

Take a few minutes to watch the video here where I walk you through a few of the typical, smaller company reporting tools we use. You’ll see some of the tools in Infusionsoft. And you’ll see some numbers I extracted from a recent marketing campaign analysis.

If you’re not keeping score of your marketing ROI as well as you’d like, do NOT despair. First, it’s quite normal in the small business world to not have quick access to the tools you need and want the most. People are “too busy” and wearing too many hats in most small businesses.

Small businesses become big companies when they get the keeping score part of business development, digital and content marketing campaigns and sales organization performance.

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To your success and happiness.

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