The Power of Focus On Content Marketing Success

Every day we meet the most amazing, dynamic, creative entrepreneurs, marketing leaders and well-intended CEOs tagging along for the digital ride. (They have enough on their plates. We focus on helping them learn the guiding questions to ask as the visionary leader, not be too involved in the day-to-day marketing execution, ideally.)

It’s a labor of love for sure working on so many digital marketing campaigns and disparate marketing automation platforms ranging from a Constant Contact user group of 3 to Infusionsoft to Salesforce and WordPress and shopping carts and so on. They all must integrate and work seamlessly in this world! Simple. Not easy.

What we learn most through all this work is everything, everything boils down to your content marketing focus.

Content marketing is all about your offers, how you present them, how often you present them, and getting your best visitors, leads and prospects to click and want to know more. Ideally, they want to give you money and you win the trust of a new customer.

What gets in the way when it comes to content marketing focus?

  1. Shiny new objects such as the software of the day that will “do it all” for you.
  2. People on your team who don’t what they are doing or can’t perform on time.
  3. Running the 465 other tasks you need to perform for the business.

So how can you and your team best focus on the right content marketing path and discipline? Glad you asked.

1. Optimize your focus on your ideal prospect, target market, avatar etc. You have to have the marketing guns focused on your ideal prospects. That requires knowing what this is!

2. Develop an Editorial Calendar for all your content. Keep it simple and focus on one month or quarter at a time. Block the time to do the work.

3. Get the right people on your team. This is the biggest blunder of all. There’s no such thing anymore as a “Webmaster” who can “do it all” for you. You need a team of people who are subject matter experts in…

  • Strategy
  • Design
  • Systems development and integration. (Programming)
  • Project management.
  • Copywriters.
  • Social media content people.
  • Blog and article content people.
  • Analytics people.
  • Sales people.
  • Financial people. (Authority to fund the marketing and sales.)

This is the short list of essential players. They must all know and focus on your plan of action. They must be exceptional at what they do. They must be accountable to a marketing leader who knows all the tricks of the trade. This should be the senior most marketing executive who leads the strategy.

Put all these pieces together and you have the power of focus when it comes to exceptional content marketing.

We always appreciate your comments and questions here on the Conversion Marketing Experts blog.

To your success and happiness!

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