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CEO’s, Business Owners Ask: “What do I get for my marketing budget?”

If you’re a CEO or business owner and you’re wondering what you get (for a return) on your marketing budget (investment) this post is for you. Where’s the ROI? What does it take to know what you get for your marketing budget? This is a common and very fair question for anyone cutting the checks […]

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This Marketing Manager’s Boss Really Asked Him, “What if you just cut out all the marketing expenses?”

Shocked Marketing Manager

I was having coffee with a couple of weeks ago with a high level marketing manager. He works for a major corporation based here in the Phoenix area. We occasionally talk meet to catch up and invariably, we trade marketing stories. Let’s call him Steve. Shortly after we settle in Steve says, “You’re never going […]

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How Solid Is Your Sales and Marketing Action Plan Today?

When it comes to success in business, you need an effective plan. Unless you’re raising buckets of money, you probably don’t need a traditional business or marketing plan. So you agree you need to be more focused and have a clear plan of action for you AND your team. But, how will you find the […]

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Small Business Marketing Success Series. Closing The Sales and Marketing Gap, Part 1

Small Business Marketing Success Series Closing The Sales and Marketing Gap, Part 1- Small Business Success Made Simple Welcome to the first in a nine-part series entitled, Closing The Sales and Marketing Gap, Part 1- Small Business Marketing Success Made Simple Have you ever met a business owner who was sick and tired of investing […]

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Infusionsoft Consultant-The Power of Owning Your Sales and Marketing Strategy

Infusionsoft Consultant-Own Your Sales and Marketing Strategy As an Infusionsoft consultant I get the privilege of working with amazing, motivated and successful small business owners from all over the world. I’ve been a certified Infusionsoft consultant since 2008. Just so you know the background, back in 2007 or so I was shopping for a new […]

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