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Social Media Backlash – Rolling Stone Puts Boston Bomber on Cover

Are you a business owner who still does not understand all the “whoopla” about social media?  In less than 24 hours, one of the largest brands in the music and publishing industry has experienced, what in my opinion is, one of the fastest sweeping negative campaigns in years.  Over 100,000 Tweets (most negative), over 80,000 […]

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Cloud Warrior Story- The High Cost of Old School Thinking About Small Business Marketing

Cloud Warrior Shares Revealing Story About High Cost of Old School Thinking for Small Business Marketing Results Last week I coined a new phrase for people like me who work online every day and leverage the sheer power of cloud computing. There are millions of small business owners, professionals and others who leverage cloud computing […]

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Infusionsoft Consultant Launches The Ultimate Small Business Profit Equation Academy

Infusionsoft Consultant Shares Critical Equation for Small Business Success What the heck is The Ultimate Small Business Profit Equation and how can it help you impact better business, marketing and sales results? Check out the introduction I just shot.   It’s nothing Academy Award-winning. But I wanted to give everyone a sneek peak at what I […]

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