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Marketing Is Like Investing: Too Emotional To Manage for High-ROI Marketing Results


If you own a business, is it your best investment? If so, how do you feel when you invest in marketing and lose your hard-earned money? Exactly. This is why I submit that marketing is a very real form of investing and just like with the stock or bond market, marketing is way too emotional […]

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CEO’s, Business Owners: Ask These Seven, Dynamite Questions To Get High-ROI Sales and Marketing Results

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What does it take to get better sales and marketing results if you’re the CEO or business owner with your budget and money on the line? Knowledge. That’s what it takes to become a master of anything. What have you mastered? Probably the one thing you do best. What is it? If your #1 thing […]

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CEO’s – Your Marketing People Need Your Love. Don’t Yell At Us!

When the CEO finally showed up four weeks late for the the weekly marketing performance review she asked her team with a hint of a shout or yell, “I want to know why we’re at the 60-day mark and all of this stuff isn’t done. How come my people can’t do this faster? Where’s the […]

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SharpSpring – How To Track Marketing Campaign ROI

So, you want to track marketing campaign ROI? Great. After all, marketing is an investment, just like your business, so let’s focus on how to lock in the ROI. What would it mean to you, your team and your life to be able to easily track your marketing campaign ROI? It shouldn’t be that hard […]

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