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The Four Most Important Ways To Crush It With SharpSpring Marketing Automation

Want to learn four of the most important ways to get the most from SharpSpring marketing automation? Whether you are considering investing in SharpSpring marketing automation or you already have, getting the most out of it is a function of your strategy and plan. Feed a crappy strategy and plan of action for sales and marketing […]

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Taking Pains: Flow Marketing

Genius: The Art of Taking Pains All great works of art bear the same signs of genius. Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa. Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony. Michaelangelo’s David. Spielberg’s Saving Private Ryan. Each artist “took pains” and created something timeless and extraordinary. Would “taking pains” make your business extraordinary? Maybe you have a pretty good team. Pretty […]

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SharpSpring Partner Shares Tips for Getting Better Email Marketing Results

Want better email marketing results? Check out my short video about what it takes to make email marketing work better for you. In case you’re too jammed to watch my video today, here’s the deal with making email marketing, all marketing and sales, work better … It’s all about the length of time (duration) of […]

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Get free email marketing copy that got a 50% increase in sales

I have wanted to share some actual email marketing copy and entire follow up sequence that you can customize and light edit for your business. Take a look at my short video today. The key is not only who you are targeting, but how you connect, engage and win trust quickly. The goal for this […]

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5 Ways to Kill Your Digital Marketing Team and ROI

I am writing this with all the love in my heart for the millions of business owners, CEOs, and marketing people out there today who work so hard to get results for their team, their businesses and organizations. Sharing what goes wrong a lot and contrasting it with some best practices based on real-world experience […]

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How To Close The Small Business Sales and Marketing Success Gap-Part 6

Small business sales and marketing success made simple! Okay, here’s part 6 of our 9-part series revealing simple steps you can take to close your sales and marketing success gap. So far here’s what we’ve covered … Stage 1. Establish your baseline. We take a snapshot and set a clear goal. Stage 2. Target new […]

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