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Einstein’s Never-Fail Conversion Marketing Formula

Albert Einstein was a conversion marketing genius. Seriously. In fact, his never-fail formula for conversion marketing is more useful than his Theory of General Relativity – at least for us non-geniuses. And what exactly is Einstein’s never-fail formula? Patience, young Grasshopper. All will soon be revealed. Lemme illustrate the problem first, then I’ll give you the formula. […]

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Einstein’s Miracle Cure for Marketing Malaise

Albert Einstein, Marketing Genius? Absolutely! And if you will learn to apply Einstein’s Miracle Cure, you will see stunning improvements in your marketing performance. Lemme ‘splain. Do things like this ever happen in your business? You shade the truth a little in your marketing. You exaggerate a bit. Not outright lies, just a little fudging. You know it, your team knows […]

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