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Do This If You Want To Fill Your Sales and Marketing Funnel

SharpSpring Review for marketing automation

What is a sales and marketing funnel and how can it help you grow your business? Simple. This is a short article and video to help you learn how to fill your sales and marketing funnel while you sleep. Want to find, attract, get and keep more customers? Here’s a typical conversation with a business […]

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Session 5 of 5: The CME Sales & Digital Marketing Action Plan (DMAP) Training

Welcome the session 5 of 5: a free training preview for business owners, CEO’s, sales and marketing leaders. This short series of training previews will help you … Develop a clear strategy and plan, get people focused on results and get the marketing job done so you produce the results that count for you. We […]

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This Is What I Just Sent One of My Best Clients About Their Content Marketing

Okay, here’s where we are in this story … I am a marketing coach, adviser, trainer. I also create and write marketing campaigns. And I own the business. I am sharing my marketing leadership insights with you in this article because this is a new client of mine. We just wrapped up our third, weekly […]

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Facing Your Fear of Digital, Content and Marketing Automation

How does fear hold you back when it comes to being more successful with digital, content and marketing automation? I recently wrote an article for The Business Journals with the title, How to Face Your Fear of Digital, Content and Marketing Automation. It got pretty huge traction and I’m not sure why. Maybe it’s because […]

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5 Ways to Kill Your Digital Marketing Team and ROI

I am writing this with all the love in my heart for the millions of business owners, CEOs, and marketing people out there today who work so hard to get results for their team, their businesses and organizations. Sharing what goes wrong a lot and contrasting it with some best practices based on real-world experience […]

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