Someone Ever Tell You That Your Content Marketing Really Sucks?

Face your fear with Conversion Marketing Experts

I wasn’t sure what I wanted to write about today.

Until I opened the email from a marketing guy who lives in a some middle of America swamp that poses as a small city.

It is in this city, in his house where he makes his living as a marketing guy.

It is from his basement that he reviews one of my videos – a blog of mine recently, and he emails me this morning to tell me he thinks it sucks.

He asks, “What substance does this have …?”

This is the video.

My fellow marketing friend asked also what the point of the video really is all about.

It’s about what he doesn’t get – being creative. Not being a tech geek.

Why? Take any tech and put crap for creative content into it. Don’t use it right. Abuse it. Then tell the world it sucks and doesn’t work.

Better yet, trash someone else’s creative output; an article, a video. It doesn’t’ matter because to create anything and to put it out there is to face your worst fear – your own mind.

If you can face your fear you can express your creative side. You choose who sees or doesn’t see your work, mostly.

My friend missed the entire  point of the video. Perhaps I could have done better, yes. But the truth is it was my very best in that moment. Which is all I can ask of myself or anyone else.

This man found me based on reviews and content he initially found to be helpful. Why else would he book himself onto my calendar and ask for help?

My professional purpose is to help anyone willing; to serve and make a difference by solving people’s biggest sales, marketing, team and tech problems.

This is content marketing. Content marketing is driven by creative AND technology people who must learn to  work together.

That’s how we build companies over time. We create and tell stories. We put our stuff out for the world to see and sometimes judge harshly.

Oh well. So be it. People judge. This is where acceptance must kick it.

I’ve been creating content as a sales and marketing guy for over 30 years. I love it. I am always learning. It’s a bit easier now to deal with criticism, even if you have to write a blog post about it.

Yes, some of my stuff may suck. That’s okay. Mostly people tell me they like it though.

Plus, I create and write, teach, coach, consult and serve for me; for my own purpose because this is who I am professionally. This is my way to make a difference.

I am a creative!

I’m also a business guy, investor, father, husband and friends with some really amazing people. I am blessed to wake up every day and do what I love to do.

Being creative is where most people suck, including this guy, apparently, who thinks my content sucks.

I believe shrinks call this projection.

Here’s the deal …

If you are creative and you put your stuff out for the world to see, like or not like, you must develop thick skin. This is because idiots who project their own BS on you and your creative work are really judging and hurting themselves.

Creatives face the War of Art every day. Otherwise we don’t create squat.

We might even get stuck in a mid-western town, in a basement, shooting holes in other people’s stuff. Yikes!

Once you know about facing your creative fears you will find flow and build confidence in your work.

It can be scary at times to hit the “Publish” button. Then it is there for the world to see.

People can find you and ask for help. Or they can throw stones. Sometimes both.

With practice you will more easily accept the fact that some people will not like your creative content and will sometimes go out of their way to seek your advice and then bite your face off, online or off.

Don’t let these people prevent you from putting your creative best out there.

We only get better at writing, painting, singing, dancing and even building content marketing campaigns when it are willing to put our best foot forward.

Screw that critics.

Face your fear. Create!

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