Small Business Marketing Consultant-The #1 Skill You Need to Grow

Small Business Marketing Consultant Shares #1 Skill You Need to Know

When it comes to success in business there is one skill that is by far more important than anything else.

You can have the best brand. You can have the best logo. You can have the best software. You can have the best price. You can have the best location.

Whatever “best” really means.

Since we work with tons of business owners who invest in marketing, content, traffic, SEO, PPC, software, (namely Infusionsoft) I can tell you that the #1 skill is not related to any of these things.

And as an Infusionsoft Consultant since 2008, we do our very best to make this amazing software work well for clients, it’s never about the software, really. It’s more about what I am going to share with you…

Nor is it about the brand or any of the other things I noted earlier.

It’s about selling. Yes, that dirty, nasty word, selling.

The most successful businesses get marketing for sure. They have killer systems. And tons of other things that tend to work well.

Yet, selling products and services, not to mention off-the-charts customer service, is the number one focus. Selling your ideas. Selling your way of serving customers!

And I mean this in a good way. Because consumers and decision makers are wise these days. Very wise indeed. They often know more about you, your company and what you sell before they even meet you. That may be a good thing. Or not so much.

The truth is simple. Success in life, your job, your home, your church, your grocery store, office, etc. is all about selling.

Selling in a traditional sense? For most of us, no. I am talking about selling in a non-traditional sense.

Like getting people to like you, trust you and buy into whatever it is you need or want them to do for you or with you.

Have you asked your teenage child to clean their room lately?

How about getting your attention-starved boss to buy into your most recent idea?

Or what about getting someone at work to “see” things or “do” things your way?

Selling. It’s all about selling. (By the way, we coach people on the art of selling. So if you’d like to know more, let’s have a chat about sales coaching.)

One more thing you NEED to know. The single best book I’ve read on selling is by Dan Goleman. Yeah, theĀ  same Dan Goleman who wrote Emotional Intelligence.

If you haven’t read his book, To Sell Is Human: The Surprising Truth About Moving Others, fire up your Kindle or whatever or get to the bookstore now!

We always appreciate your questions, comments and suggestions here on our blog.

To your success!

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