SharpSpring Marketing Automation Checklist: How To Set Up and Optimize Your Marketing Automation Engine

Got SharpSpring marketing automation working for you and your business right now? Or maybe you’re considering it and having a tough time deciding which marketing automation platform is best for you. And how to get the most out of it by setting it up the right way, or optimizing the system you have in place now.

Full disclosure … we love what most marketing automation applications can do for a business when set up and managed by capable people and fed with rich, engaging content on a regular basis including email and other elements for follow up with prospects and customers. We’re also a SharpSpring partner. We sell SharpSpring directly to customers and manage all their email marketing, content marketing and other fun stuff that leads to attracting, engaging, converting and keeping more customers.

As I mention in my short video, the checklist I walk you through here can be used for ANY marketing automation system you use to power your business. The marketing automation checklist can also be used as a resource to optimize your existing SharpSpring, or other, automation engine.

This could also work even if you use a baby system for managing contacts and email. Systems like Constant Contact, Mail Chimp and other email marketing systems can take you quite far in your business, but you will never get the power of a SharpSpring or other leading marketing automation systems unless you power it with AMAZINGLY creative, talented people who know your plan of attack and are empowered to do their job well.

SharpSpring Marketing Automation Set Up/Optimization Checklist

And in case you’re not up for watching my hack video, here’s the checklist for setting up or optimizing SharpSpring marketing automation system, or any other.

As always, we appreciate your comments, questions and inquiries here on the CME blog and site.

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1 Overview and support of SharpSpring marketing and sales enablement system.
2 Working as a team: Users, roles and permissions.
3 How The 9 Laws of Conversion Marketing helps us.
4 Customer tracking, lead scoring, etc.
5 System Branding, Emails, Forms, Landing Pages, Etc,
6 Campaign ROI tracking
7 Customer journey and pipeline set up. (Opportunities.)
8 Managing contacts and companies.
9 Existing list review, clean up, import and segment to lists, groups, tags.
10 Review existing comments, notes, other data for import.
11 Contact ownership, assignment of new leads.
12 Core marketing campaign review and set up.
13 Contact us form follow up campaigns.
14 Download special content or offer campaigns.
15 New prospect form and follow up campaign.
16 New customer form and follow up campaign.
17 Targeted offers and promotional campaign.
18 Reconnect with existing list campaign(s).
19 Survey, review campaign.
20 Lost business, customer campaign.
21 Long term nurture, drip campaign.
22 User commitments and final Q&A

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