SharpSpring Consultant Shares 1 of 9 Reasons He Uses SharpSpring for Marketing Automation

When it comes to marketing automation success, SharpSpring is among the best of the best. I am a SharpSpring consultant. My small team and I are value added marketing and technology consultants who love SharpSpring. We sell and support virtually any marketing automation system that makes sense for our clients. But my video and post today is about why I and so many other business people really like SharpSpring.

We use SharpSpring as our core marketing automation and sales enablement engine. We run our entire business on SharpSpring because it fits us best of all the solutions currently on the market. There are many reasons I choose SharpSpring. I love being a SharpSpring consultant because SharpSpring leadership is deeply committed to their partners. SharpSpring people build and support a great product. Most importantly, they keep their word as business professionals. I as a partner can do better work when I trust my valued tech and other partners.

We used Infusionsoft prior to using SharpSpring as our “go-to” marketing automation platform. We trudged along for the ride after I bought the software to replace Act, which I had used as my contact manager for the prior decade, at least. (I’ve always insisted on having my a solid CRM and direct marketing system in place. I’ve been a marketing professional since 1983. Yeah, some people would say I’m an old timer. But I tell them they don’t know squat about “real age.”

Alas, I digress … I’m here to share my 1st of 9 reasons my team and I use SharpSpring for marketing automation success.

Is SharpSpring right for your and  your team? I have no clue. But if you’re curious you can contact me personally and I will give you time without charge and do my very best to guide you.

I can tell you that any punk in a cubicle who will tell you SharpSpring or Infusionsoft or Hubspot will “double your sales” or “make cold calling dead” or “create an inbound stream of qualified prospects while you sit on your beach” is full of BS.

Don’t buy SharpSpring or any other real marketing automation system for your company at a seminar. Buy it by hiring a trusted, experienced (10,000+ hours) SharpSpring consultant to help you get the sales, marketing and business results you want.

As a very happy SharpSpring consultant, I encourage you to come back to my blog because I’m going to share my other 8 reasons I use SharpSpring and love being a SharpSpring consultant.

Marketing automation success is all about your plan of action, team, systems, and aligning the fundamentals of success in a system you and your team will commit to using every day.

Enjoy my video and as always, thanks for your comments and questions here on the blog.

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