Session 5 of 5: The CME Sales & Digital Marketing Action Plan (DMAP) Training

Welcome the session 5 of 5: a free training preview for business owners, CEO’s, sales and marketing leaders. This short series of training previews will help you …

Develop a clear strategy and plan, get people focused on results and get the marketing job done so you produce the results that count for you.

We sell, teach and coach a simple action planning system known as, The CME Sales & Digital Marketing Action Plan or DMAP. It has one purpose … helping you get better sales, marketing and overall business results … with much less stress. This system works when you work it.

In case you missed the last video, you can get #4 by clicking here.

Here is video #3, video #2 and video #1, also.

How do you feel about your plan of action today?

How about the results you’re getting? We talk with a ton of business owners and most of you guys are really frustrated. At least that’s what you tell us mostly when you call or email. And of course, we want to help you, but we CAN’T help you unless you are ready to help yourself.

That may sound harsh but this training preview video addresses the #1 offender that kills performance.

Yes, of course I want you watch the whole video. But if watching me bugs you like it bugs me let me tell you the answer right now …


People and companies fail in marketing execution when it comes to doing the consistently tough creative work and disciplined follow up by the team. That’s it right there; discipline and follow through on a daily basis.

Of course, when you have a clear plan of action, in writing, and you have the right people working for you, you can be clear and confident executing. But you will still hit walls like the rest of us.

Ever have your website go down for no apparent reason? Or email? How about phones? This happened the other day when I was on a coaching call with one of our clients; the phone and Internet went down. So we went to phones!

Sales, marketing, the technology and your people must be aligned using a system that works for you that you and all of your people are willing to work on a daily basis. Commitment breeds success.

Check out my video hack and let me know what you think.

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