Could This Really Be the Ultimate Digital Marketing Action Plan?

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Have you almost given up on marketing experts and getting the sales results you want? 

My father used to tell me, “Clifford, you’re a legend in your own mind.” And I believed him, even though I learned what happens when I get overconfident. As a young man, I worked for big companies as a marketing and sales executive. Even then, I knew that one day I’d be as cool as my dad; I would build the small business and life of my dreams.

It took 30 long, sometimes painful years. But I did it. I think Dad would be proud.

Today, I'm a self-proclaimed “marketing expert.” But believe me when I say I'm not bragging. Everything I do, everything I teach, is all about getting the best ROI – Return on Investment – for every marketing dollar spent. That’s how I built the small business and life of my dreams.

(Just so you know, the phrase “marketing expert” simply means I may know a thing or two more than you. I do not have all the answers.)

Now, What About You?

How do you feel about all the marketing experts you’ve met so far? You’re probably like me – you wonder how the heck some of these disasters happen. And you wonder how your marketing can be so maddening, so expensive and sometimes so unsuspectingly disastrous.

Here’s the truth about being in business and making sense of digital marketing and sales…

  • Owning a small business is insane.
  • Marketing and sales are insane.
  • Technology is insane.
  • Some people are insane, then we hire them.

The antidote to insanity is confidence, clarity, and focus.

I created my own digital marketing action planning system (DMAP) so I could end the insanity I felt in my own business and life. I started using the original version of the DMAP on paper. The system has been proven through the acid-testing of daily use over 30 years.

The lessons I learned in 30 years of front-line sales, marketing, leadership, management and tech experience have all been distilled down into my killer Digital Marketing Action Planning system. 

Today, my ultimate Digital Marketing Action Plan looks a lot different than it did back then. Now it’s digital. It’s way easier to learn and use.

And it works.

(Like any plan, it works only if you work it. I can teach you how to use the plan, but you have to provide the elbow grease.)

Now I’m on a "Mission From God" to coach entrepreneurs how to use this system so that you too can end the insanity and improve your own sales and digital marketing results.

What's the  ROI On Your Marketing?

At Conversion Marketing Experts, we teach and coach CEO’s, business owners, (and their people), how to get measurably better sales and digital marketing results using this proven action planning system.

How’s your business, sales and marketing plan looking right about now? Do you have one? Do you and your entire team KNOW you’re all pulling in the same direction? Would they all agree? Is everyone on the team aligned in pursuit of your “One Thing”?

This video is a preview of the single-most important success tool in my arsenal: my Digital Marketing Action Plan. I use it myself and I’ve trained hundreds of others business owners to use it.


Because this action planning system helps you and your people GET MEASURABLE SALES RESULTS.

Disclosure: I am a coach, trainer and recruiter with nearly 30 years of experience. However, I am first and foremost a salesperson. As a salesperson, I got so frustrated dealing with “marketing experts” that I decided I had to learn digital marketing myself so I could be in control of my own SALES RESULTS. If you don’t know digital marketing, and know exactly how to put all the pieces together to drive better sales results, then frankly – you won’t be able to compete. How you market and sell determines your paycheck every month.

Here’s the good news: my Digital Marketing Action Planning system is ALMOST ready for the masses. But, I’m ready to tell you about it right now. (Yes, I wouldn’t be doing my marketing job if I couldn’t put a special spin on what I consider to be the ultimate sales and marketing action plan.)

How Not To Get Screwed In Digital Marketing

This may not make you feel better, but if you’ve been screwed in marketing or sales, multiply that by 100 for me. My world – sales, social selling, lead gen, sales coaching, and digital marketing – is like being in the movie Blunt Force Trauma, only I don’t get to wear a bulletproof vest.

I’ve got the bullet wounds to show for it.

But my pain and mistakes taught me many lessons. Everything I’ve learned can help you and your people learn what you DON’T KNOW yet, and avoid the bullet wounds I absorbed. Just think – you might have more fun at work because you’ll have less stress and less insanity.

I use my DMAP system every day for my businesses. It’s digital. It’s online. It’s shared by the entire team of sales and marketing people. It gives you – the business owner or CEO – the sales and digital marketing ROI Dashboard you need to see.

We teach and coach this system because we want you to KNOW what you DON’T KNOW about getting sales by generating better conversion marketing results.

The DMAP is based on The 9 Laws of Conversion Marketing. These 9 laws are the “Pillars of Profit” for every business. You’ll learn more about them in my upcoming videos and blog posts.

The DMAP lays out nearly 100 powerful “discovery” questions broken down into 14 action planning segments. We’ll teach you and your team everything you need to know to get better sales and marketing results.

Can You Know What You Don’t Know?

How do you figure out what it is you don’t know?


First, be willing to do whatever it takes to get what you want for your business, your life.

Next, find a Pathfinder you can trust. A Pathfinder is a person who has been where you want to go. You respect and trust them because of their reputation and track record. Your Pathfinder in sales and digital marketing knows all the trails. He or she will know to avoid the dangerous shortcuts that may be tempting, but are deadly to you.

A Pathfinder knows where the “bad guys” hide out, even though you’re never really safe. True digital marketing leaders – Pathfinders – possess sales mastery, marketing mastery, people mastery and technology mastery.

This is how much they cost in the real world.

Our solution costs 80% less than that – and delivers measurably better results.

How would having the right Sales & Digital Marketing Pathfinder help you and your people? What would your business and your life look like if you KNEW SOONER more of the questions you don’t know now about getting better sales and marketing results?

IF you have NOT GIVEN UP on your marketing and sales people, on the technologies that serve us well, and on getting the sales and marketing results you want, then talk to us...