How To Power Your Blog With Purpose To Get Better Marketing Results

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Got a website and you need to power your blog with purpose? Like getting better sales and marketing results? Here’s how to get better marketing results by learning how to power your blog with purpose.

What’s going on with your blog right now? Be honest. Is it just sitting there, naked, without any new creative content that actually attracts, engages and converts your website visitors into prospective and possibly even paying customers?

If so, you’re not alone. So don’t keep beating yourself up. This article will help you get on track to power your blog with purpose so you can get better sales and marketing results. After all, that’s the whole point of investing in marketing and powering your blog, isn’t it?

Imagine that you waved a magic wand and your content marketing, including your blog and email marketing, is working well for you, finally. This means your blog and the related sales funnel it’s supposed to feed has content that does what it is supposed to do; help you get more qualified traffic, prospects and customers. This means you can see positive results.

If not, here’s what you’re probably missing …

Every great company has an integrated marketing and sales plan and process that sits upon a proper website and marketing automation platform. Digital and content marketing is your foundation and single-biggest asset for marketing today, and feeding the sales pipeline. Period.

We typically refer to this as a marketing funnel or customer journey. The bottom line is an integrated marketing and sales plan of attack is how you get more customers at a lower cost.

Without proper strategy, planning and execution of content marketing and marketing automation, including analytics and powering your blog, you might as well be sitting on the sidelines. Without sales and marketing integration, and killer content, you are pretending to compete online for new business.

Is Your Blog Killing You?

Want to stop pretending and get better results? If you power your blog with purpose you will get a better sales and marketing result instead of having your naked, empty or nonexistent blog killing you and your brand credibility.

So why is your blog killing you considering blogging is one of the most powerful ways to generate new traffic, leads, prospects and customers?

Because if your blog is naked or powered with weak and inconsistent content, you lose credibility and probably new business. This doesn’t mean your blog has to be perfect. What would that even mean?

Look, if you have a blog, clearly somebody convinced you that you need a blog. But what were you thinking when you built the blog? How were you going to power your blog with purpose and content that will help you grow your website traffic, email list, prospects and customer base?

Maybe you thought you were going to write your own blog articles. Ouch. No wonder it’s empty. This is a common mistake. You probably already have too much to do so why add copy writing and blogging to your list when you can easily afford to pay someone to power your blog.

Perhaps you figured the blog content would write itself, or someone on your team could do it or that someday in the future you could afford a real copywriter to provide you with content that attracts, engages and converts your website visitors into customers. That’s delusional. Not sure we can help you there. (Humor on a blog is risky business!)

Here’s the deal with your naked blog … you need to DO something about it. And you to DO it with purpose so your content marketing and blog power has actual meaning and relevance to the people you want to attract, engage and convert as your ideal prospects and customers.

You have to commit and invest!

Here’s why. Your blog is killing you if …

  1. It’s naked with no content within the last week or month, at least.
  2. The content is weak and inconsistent, too salesy.
  3. Written and not useful for your ideal visitor, customer; your bounce rate is off the charts.

It’s that simple. Lame blogs ruin your credibility. The primary purpose of a blog is to educate people about the things that help them most. For example, what is the biggest problem you solve for your customer? Start with content like this because teaching is a wonderful form of selling without selling in a traditional sense. Educate! Provide real value.

Your customers and mine are reading and researching far more information about you and your competitors BEFORE they want to talk with a salesperson or get a demo. Think about your own search engine and buying habits now. When was the last time you paid for anything without doing a thorough, online review including blog articles about your subject of interest?

Power Your Blog With Purpose.

Or kill it now.

It’s that simple. Two choices …

  1. Step up and pay for someone talented to write and power your blog every week.
  2. Or kill the blog. Just pay your website designer to take it away.

Fear not. You have a 50% chance of getting this right.

If you choose to power your blog with purpose find and hire a professional blogger or marketing expert, someone you trust, to help you.

If you need a free consult to explore how we can help you power your blog, connect with us here and we’ll be happy to help you learn how to properly power your blog for better marketing results.

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