The Perfect Pitch To Raise Money for Your Company

So, you need to raise money for your company, huh? Welcome to the real rat race.

If you absolutely have to go to investors for money you are embarking on a journey that may become the most important sales and marketing campaign of them all. Especially if your company existence depends on raising the money and there’s no way you can reach your goals with good old fashioned direct sales and marketing. (The most common way to start and grow any business.)

When it comes to raising money for your company, start up, real estate deal or expansion it’s essential to have a simple, easy to understand pitch that integrates your sales and marketing message in a compelling way. If your pitch stinks you’ll annoy people and not raise any money. Savvy investors have tolerated the worst of the worst pitches, me included. So you want to make sure you’re on your “A Game” before you blow a hard-won opportunity to pitch a qualified investor willing and able to fund your deal.

You don’t want to be …

Like the guy I saw recently who I was just begging to help … made his pitch in broken English with the most downright obnoxious “clip art” attack on a Powerpoint deck you’ve ever seen. The people in the room were cringing. Train wreck.

Or the brilliant tech guy who goes too deep into how brilliant he is and how great the technology he invented will be when it changes the world. Ouch. Kiss of death.

Why does a sales and marketing guy like me want to help anyone raise money for their business? Because it is necessary for all businesses to have access to working capital and free cash flow. Otherwise they die.

Then there’s the demand side. People need this big time and I’ve been kind of ignoring it as a focal point for Conversion Marketing Experts. Plus, I have a ton of experience doing it, I am good at it. People need a ton of help making better pitches for investors, customers and even their employees and subcontractors. I have a proven track record, also. It’s a great problem to solve in the context of our marketing advisory business.

So you know a bit more about my financial life in the business world …

  • In personally invest in private companies today and will for as long as I live.
  • Between 1991 and 2000 I personally gathered over $100 million in high net worth investor assets. I sold that book of business to a major Wall Street firm in 2000.
  • From 2004-2006 I was a key player on a team that sold and managed a $50 million Hard Money fund.
  • I founded, own and operate to help wealthy investors gain access to timely news, insights, research, interviews and private investment deals available only to qualified, accredited investors. I am an investor.
  • I am a marketer. I am a salesman. I am the guy who helps people raise money for their businesses in more ways than one.

And I will continue to do so even more aggressively as I focus on helping our clients craft the “perfect pitches” to raise money for their companies. Millions of people do it every year and so can you. (Sometimes it is actually easier to fire up a high-ROI sales campaign than it is to raise money. Every business owner and investor deserves proper, professional guidance in this realm.)

Back to the pitch …

The best pitch wins. Everything. It’s that simple. The same is true in sales.

So if you want to raise money, how effective is your pitch now? The easy way to measure this is simply to look at how many pitches you’ve made versus how many investors you’ve converted to your new “customer.” If you’re failing then you need to make a decision about whether to really pony up to get the help it takes to actually raise money. That is if you are even getting in front of qualified investors which is the primary challenge for anyone.

Guy Kawasaki writes a timeless piece that virtually anyone who knows anything about private equity, angel investing, raising private money and marketing as a general sense can relate to. He wrote this article on his 10-20-30 approach to making the perfect pitch back in 2005. I suggest everyone read it.

Every pitch to raise money for anything is a full-blown sales and marketing campaign. You have to tell a story that people can relate to. You have to help people understand clearly what problem you solve, for whom, at what price and profit margin. Of course, the purpose of your pitch is really to get prospective investors into a deeper conversation with you about investing in your offer. It’s marketing. It’s selling. It’s being an engaging, trustworthy and convincing person when it counts the most for you, your family, your team and your bottom line.

And there are rules. Actually, worse. There are laws. Break the state or federal securities laws at your own peril. That’s where the right legal and tax advisers come into play with your sales, marketing and bus dev team.

Stay tuned for more to come on this subject about the perfect pitch to raise money for almost any company. We’ll be sharing some recent case studies with you and introducing new offers shortly.

We always appreciate your comments and questions here on the Conversion Marketing Experts blog.

To your success and happiness.

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