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So, you’re in the market for an SEO pro, or search engine optimization expert? Perfect. Let me assure you that you will definitely want to do this before you hire an SEO pro. Otherwise, you may not get much for your money.

First, it’s important to know what search engine optimization really is. It’s not exactly the same as search engine marketing, but the terms get used interchangeably, as if digital, search engines, content marketing, websites and marketing automation weren’t so overwhelming to business owners, CEO’s and the hard-working creative, technology and content marketing people playing the game today – attract, engage, convert and retain more customers.

A great SEO pro will know how to evaluate your website and marketing goals, then recommend on page and off page technigues to help your generate more and better quality traffic to your site. And to increase conversions by helping with calls to action and copy writing elements on your landing pages and web forms.

Welcome to the world of conversion marketing; the world we live in every day. Got to love it!

True Story …

A small business owner was referred to me to discuss her marketing goals. When we connected over the phone, Sally, not her real name, tells me, “I just hired an SEO pro and I need to know what to do.”

“Okay,” I said. “Tell me more. What are you paying this so called SEO pro to do for you exactly?”

She says sheepishly, “Well … I’m not really sure.”

I tell her it’s okay, but it is not, really. My goal is to reassure her that she can easily salvage this to ensure she gets great value from the SEO pro she already hired and paid. Oops.

I ask Sally if she has a written agreement including a scope or statement of work. This details the work that any decent professional will be doing in exchange for the fee. When I pose the question I already know the answer.

“What’s that?,” Sally asks.

I explain what a scope of work is and how it would help us know what she is going to get for her $3,000 investment. But she does not know. Nor do I. I wonder if the SEO pro knows.

What Do You Do Now?

If you find yourself in this situation of hiring an SEO pro, or any other including website, marketing automation, email, copy writing, design, etc. You always need to tell these professionals what your plan is before you hire them!

Now it’s time get your act together and create a plan of action in writing to explain to the SEO guy you hire what exactly your marketing and sales action plan looks like. If you don’t have a written, strategic plan of action for getting better sales and marketing results, why not? Are you winging it with your single-biggest investment – your small business?

I don’t get it. But it happens all the time. And here’s what I do about it every day. We teach people how to write a killer, strategic plan of action that integrates sales, marketing, people and technology. The last one, the tech, is a biggie because it FREAKS otherwise very smart, normal business people OUT. Literally.

This Is Your Plan for Sales and Marketing Results

So here it is. I’m just going to give it to you right now even though we teach this for a living. If you invest the time to work “on” your business and go through these ten steps with care, you will be on your way to knowing where you’re going. Then, and only then, are you capable of hiring a great SEO pro.

But how would the SEO pro or anyone else working for you know what they need to do to help you if you can’t tell them where the hell you’re going?

Do this well and don’t be a wimp about it. Include your key people. Commit to it and be a real business leader if you want better sales, marketing and business results.

  1. Define your marketing goal. One thing!
  2. Declare your business purpose. Purpose is to get and serve customers!
  3. Detail your vision for what you do. What do you do, exactly, for your customers?
  4. Define your ideal customer. Pick one to start, please.
  5. Describe your brand essence, identity, value. Leads to killer story.
  6. Craft your story with passion. What is your why? Passion … flow.
  7. Create compelling content offers that convert. High value educational content.
  8. Build your marketing to sales funnel. Hire a pro or risk losing your mind. Website, landing pages, web forms, email or automation system, great follow up content.
  9. Teach and sell from the heart. And never stop. See #2 and #6.
  10. Measure your performance. Count what counts the most for you.

There you have it – a simple way to create the strategic plan of action for sales and marketing that you can now give to your SEO guy. And everyone else you hire to work for you.

Want better sales and marketing results? See what you want. Create your plan. Feel your way through it. Trust that if you do the hard work and never stop learning, you will get better sales and marketing results.

In closing, can an SEO pro do great work for you? Sure, if you know how to hire them and manage them according to your plan of action.

Also, the SEO pro will want to know who’s going to write and power the weekly content you need for your blog, email campaigns, pitch decks and more. This is when you decide who will do the creative writing. If you make the time and love to write and publish massive, helpful content for your audience like we commit to doing our very best, you’ve got a chance!

Or you need to hire professional writers to drive your SEO bus. Because the essence of all search engine optimization success is creating and distributing consistently great content so you are always engaging with your prospects and customers.

Got a question, comment or suggestion for the conversion marketing experts? Please share it here on the blog.

To your success with your SEO pro and everything else you do to build your business.

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