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Every day I get to test drive new software solutions. It’s an exciting part of my business especially when I find something that I really like because it makes a difference in my business or my life. This post and the video with it is to introduce you to a phenomenal new tool for prospecting and social selling called Prospectify.

Prospectify is an intelligent, automated lead generation platform. It helped me simplify my prospecting and I believe it will help you. It’s especially powerful for anyone who is focused on reaching new contacts, building solid relationships and engaging for business; if you want to grow your business.

How do you build your best relationships now from scratch? Referrals? Great. Direct selling? Super. Advertising. Bravo.

Sure, you can advertise, attract, and engage new contacts in many ways. But what if you could just build a great list? What if you could just search LinkedIn, to start, identify exactly who you want to reach and build a list to export and connect with? Wouldn’t that solve a lot of problems, save you time and maybe cut your cost to get new customers?

It’s helping me already. I started as beta user because I know the founders. I loved it. Then I started helping me and referring my clients. Now I’m telling you because Prospectify is ready for you.

This is really a tool to help you launch and build your SOCIAL SELLING game. It’s changing the way we build relationships with people without being jerks about it; broadcasting crappy junk mail and over promoting ourselves.

Check out the video I recorded for Take advantage of their free trial. If you do, we will meet again very shortly because I am helping the founders launch this company and they are only in their second month now.

Remember, prospecting made simple. Prospectify. (Social selling works!)

Let me know if you have any questions. Just reach out to me and I’ll walk you through the list building process, how to write your content and engage with really amazing people who are just waiting to get to know you, too.

To your success!

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