Is CRM Dead? Why Some Organizations Can’t Make It Work

CRM or Customer Relationship Management software is a powerful weapon for any sales and marketing team, when in the right hands, used effectively and consistently.

I often see frustration with CRM success especially when it comes to organizations with commission-only, 1099 vs. W-2, channel partners, reps, VARs, real estate pros, etc. The top producers agents can and do use their own systems even though the parent, franchisor, etc. would love to manage and data mine everyone’s list, Opportunities, Notes and other great intel for their reporting, forecasting and management needs.

The key is getting the right CRM solution into the right organizations with the right people. Given the right focus, plan of action, budget and dedication to really implement the new solution for sales and marketing success you dramatically increase your opportunity to provide a great productivity and “Sales Acceleration” tool as well as an effective management and forecasting success.

CRM can and does contribute to organization success. The biggest challenge is selecting and embracing the most suitable system for the people who are to use it daily. As well, will the leaders of the organization use it the way they are supposed to and be a great team player in this regard? Fair question to entertain yourself.

Do you love or hate your CRM? Tell us what you think and why? What are you doing to drive ROI and productivity, other than pretend you need more reports that you can count on for accuracy? That’s a big deal that should not be swept under any carpet.

Thanks for sharing your questions, thoughts and comments here on the Conversion Marketing Experts blog.

To your success and happiness.

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