Infusionsoft Consultant Creates Killer Strategy Maps to Simplify Your Life

I read the other day something to the effect that simplicity is the ultimate purity. My goal is to show you how you can simplify your life.

Just remember, simple is NOT easy.

Let me get this right out and be totally up front with you. I am an Infusionsoft Consultant.

I sell, coach, teach, consult and implement Infusionsoft. I am not an Infusionsoft employee.

Since June of 2008 I have been an Infusionsoft Certified Consultant. I have personally coached hundreds of CEOs and business owners to get them dialed in on their marketing and sales strategy. I am one of many talented people who can help you learn and deploy powerful marketing automation.

Is Infusionsoft for you and your business? I have no idea.

But if you want to find out, ask me. (I was reminded the other day that I really need to remind people of this because I learned a client referred a friend to Infusionsoft because he didn’t know I sell the system as well as coach and consult within it.)

We leverage an off-the-charts, simple strategy mapping process that will get most 30,000 foot CEO-Vision-Types to come out of the stratosphere long enough to share what’s in their heads in terms of STRATEGY.

Why is this so important? Because small business owners typically are not very clear on their strategy. Most, even high-paid CMO-types, are overwhelmed by all the decisions regarding online marketing.

If your strategy for online or offline marketing and sales stinks, and you don’t measure results carefully, you probably don’t plan on being in business for very long. (Shame on all of you execs and owners out there who are completely ignoring their analytics reporting! If you use Google it’s free. It’s pretty easy to learn. Let us help you if you want us to walk you through it.)

Every successful business has a solid strategy. And they execute.

Which creates massive amounts of wealth for people who start, fund, market, build and sometimes sell successful companies.

Here’s the deal. Today I am walking you through an insider’s view of my personal campaign builder.

I tell you my strategy and goals for this campaign so you can see how I actually build a straight forward marketing campaign.

In my video I demonstrate precisely why the mapping process itself is so important. You can use pretty much any mapping tool.

I call our process for mapping the WealthNet Partners Sales Acceleration Map or S.A.M.

Check out the video now. Share your comments.

P.S. Need content for websites, blogs, articles, ebooks, email campaigns and more? Want us to help write and publish a new eBook for you every month and distribute it on the world’s biggest ecommerce platform?

Learn more about STEAM Online Marketing here. (After you watch the video please!)



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