How Solid Is Your Sales and Marketing Action Plan Today?

When it comes to success in business, you need an effective plan. Unless you’re raising buckets of money, you probably don’t need a traditional business or marketing plan.

So you agree you need to be more focused and have a clear plan of action for you AND your team. But, how will you find the time to get that done with the other 50 things on your plate?

How about I show you a simple action plan template to help you align and transform your sales and marketing?

When I asked the Conversion Marketing Experts “tribe” of business owners and entrepreneurs what they wanted to see more of from us in terms of sales and marketing education, some of you told you want to see more case studies.

Real, live examples of sales and marketing campaigns that are actually working. Or not. (We don’t always knock the cover off the ball. Every great hitter takes a ton of strikes! We call it wisdom or lessons learned.)

So today I figured I’d start with the CME Sales and Marketing Action Plan. We call it the CME Sales Acceleration Action Plan. It’s the by product of a detailed strategic planning process called The CME Sales Acceleration Plan: A 9-Stage System for Aligning and Transforming Your Sales, Marketing, Team and Technologies.

Clients love this strategic planning system because it’s all about action and accountability! Two things that can make a huge difference when it comes to …

1. Getting better sales results.
2. Increasing the ROI on your marketing investments.

Oh, and of course, you and your people just feel better about the work you do every day.

So please enjoy the short video in which I walk you through our current sales and marketing action plan or our sales acceleration action plan to be more accurate.

What kind of strategy and plan of action do you have in place right now? How effective is it?

Want a second opinion about your sales and marketing?

Just ask.

To your success.

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