Here’s How I Create, Write and Integrate A Content Marketing Project

Want to know how to crush it with your next content marketing project?

That’s what my video is all about today – how to create content you love to create, write it and integrate it.

Why does being able to create highly-purposeful and engaging count for your business? Because you will attract, engage and convert far more of your ideal customers or clients. The key is learning to master or outsource the hard, creative, technical and project management work that goes into high-ROI content marketing projects.

You get better sales and marketing results when you learn how to align your sales, marketing, team and technology around GREAT STORY TELLING and CONTENT MARKETING. (No, I’m not really yelling. I just get excited about this stuff!)

Bottom line … when your content is irresistible, not boring, lame and all about you … sell, sell, sell … look how great we are … we’ve been in business since 1886. (Great, you’re older than dirt.)

You see, somehow I learned to love to create, write, edit and integrate new content marketing projects. I started out creating my own content and learning from others as a young sales and marketing executive.

When I was 29 I bought my first, real computer; a Mac. My wife was pissed I spent $3,000 on it. I told her it would be worth it and it has been; many millions times over.

In this video I will …

  1. Walk you through my actual workflow.
  2. Show you what our new site looks like on the development server.
  3. Share how we created about 30,000 words of content just to launch the site.
  4. Reveal the email templates I’m creating for the eCourse.
  5. Show you the outline I’m using for the content.
  6. Give you an overview of the slide deck I’m creating.

Here’s the truth …

Most people can’t do consistently great content marketing because it is not what they do. If you were great at content marketing how great would you be at what you do for a living?

This is why it so crucial to understand the disciplines of sales, marketing, team and tech?

You must align these to get flow and results.

I can’t do all of this on my own and I am in this business full time now for 13 years. I have a lot of great people helping me. I am deeply grateful to them because without them and their amazing talents, I would never be able to live and work the life of my dreams.

Want some help with creating, writing and sharing with the world way better content marketing?

Contact me even if you just want a “second opinion.”

You will find I’m easy to get to know and I’ll listen as best I can to help you figure out solutions to help you get more customers.

Just tell me what your #1 goal is to start so we can focus!

Here’s to your conversion marketing success.

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