Get free email marketing copy that got a 50% increase in sales

I have wanted to share some actual email marketing copy and entire follow up sequence that you can customize and light edit for your business.

Take a look at my short video today.

The key is not only who you are targeting, but how you connect, engage and win trust quickly.

The goal for this email marketing copy is to enable a small sales team to follow up with their hot prospects.

Hot prospects can be sourced from advertising campaigns. You can also buy lists with verified email addresses. But you have to be careful to approach people by email, social media, phone and even direct mail in the appropriate frequencies melded together. It is also essential to provide extremely high value and not be a jerk by being inappropriate when we market by email.

Email marketing copy is highly subjective. What I can tell you for sure is this email marketing copy got a great result when we used it the first time. It worked so well it’s still being used to year, more than three years after I wrote the sequence.

You have to sequence all follow up and align it with your sales process.

I hope you enjoy the video and always appreciate your comments and questions below.

To your success and happiness.

P.S. Reach out to me here if you want a pdf copy you can have to copy, paste and edit your
irresistible copy and content marketing campaign.

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