Ever Hire A Lousy Sales and Marketing Consultant?

Hiring any consultant, especially those who lurk in the realm of sales and marketing consultant delivering the inspiration, salesmanship, hope, and dreams of attracting and converting (closing) the perfect customer through the perfect pipeline (sales process) and you sing your way all the way to the bank …

Not. This is because it’s hard enough to find a talented consultant in any of these areas, let alone all of them based on direct experience. (Not text books.)

  1. Sales
  2. Marketing
  3. Technology
  4. People
  5. Business financials

I’ve been a professional consultant since 1991. For twelve years I consulted and advised business owners and super wealthy people on how to manage investments, business issues and align the right tax, legal and asset protection advisers and strategies.

Then, in 2003, after selling that book of business, I launched into this … being a sales and marketing consultant. I won’t bore you with that whole story, today.

Suffice it to say I love consulting, teaching, coaching, and helping CEOs, business owners and their sales and marketing teams to be high performance operations. But I am sick of the fear I see in the eyes of the business owners and leaders who find us.

I can tell you this much. It’s not the sales stuff that bugs business owners the most. It’s not the marketing either. It’s the technology. And the people! The bloody people as they say in the UK.

I used to think people were confused about money and investments. But sales, marketing and now technology and dealing the highly creative, brilliant and often dysfunctional human beings we ALL need to get the tech work done is maddening at times. It’s risky. It’s scary. It’s painful. Aligning the team is crucial. So many moving parts!

It should not be so. I created a system to align sales, marketing, team (people) and the tech. It’s simple. Not easy. (Focus, discipline, accountability and follow through required!)

One example … The focus is too heavily weighted on any software solution and you’re trying to fit a broken sales and marketing model into the application (software) itself. Look, just because some software sales guy or famous person on the stage sold you a “Silver Bullet” solution, it doesn’t mean it will fix all the other broken issues related to making the software really work. (ROI)

And frustrations ensues. Delays occur. Blame gets tossed around. Total and complete mayhem is what the end result becomes. Failed implementations of solutions that could have worked given the right focus.

My job is to end the mayhem. I also decided to end the risk of hiring a sales and marketing consultant who can help make sense of the tech and people stuff. (Can that person really do that job well enough to perform for our team! Yeah, ask that question. A lot.)

This is our new offer for 2015.

It should not be scary to hire a sales and marketing consultant who can advise you and your team. So I decided to offer a pay for performance sales and marketing consultant program that eliminates the issue.


Pay for Peformance Sales and Marketing Consultant

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