Dude, my boss wants a blog! What should I do?

So your boss just got off the latest seminar bus and came running back to the office with her hair on fire,”Okay everyone. Conference room in five.”

The team scrambles to the conference room where the boss, hair now pretty much just smoking, launches into her newest marketing campaign idea of the week, “Dudes, listen. This seminar was awesome. When the magic fairy dust hit me I just knew then and there we need a blog. No, I mean it this time. We need a real blog. It’s called, ‘Thought Leadership’ and this guy on the stage told me …”

I feel your pain. The bottom line is blogging does matter. It counts big time according to a recent article from the Content Marketing Institute. Whether you need to get your boss some professional help or not is another topic. However, all too many bosses are flocking to their marketing teams for help with blogs. So are small business owners, by the millions.

Blog strategy should not be taken lightly. Your blog should be tied immediately into your keyword strategy and overall content marketing plan of action. (You do have these don’t you?) Plan your blog content in step with a real sales and marketing action plan, an editorial calendar and the right people on the team to generate high-quality original and curated content. Believe me, most people need a ton of help with their blog. So if you run a business or intend to have a life beyond your new blog, get help from qualified people. Learn as much as you can yourself and delegate as you can afford to do so.

I’ll address more later about the subject of original and curated content for your blog. I use original and curated content on my blog, mostly my stuff thought. Heck, truth is I’ve been blogging since 2006 or 2007. I have hardly missed a week of blogging on one or more of my sites. This has been my site of choice for blog content on sales, marketing and how to align sales and marketing to get measurable results for any small business or organization. It’s not rocket science, after all.

What do I know today? I haven’t blogged enough. So when I read this article about bloggers from the Content Marketing Institute, I curated it on my Conversion Marketing flipbook magazine and was immediately compelled to get off my a$% and see if I can step it up to one post a day. Blogging counts when done right.

We shall see.

How do you see blogging as important for your business? What’s holding you back?

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