How to Crush It With Your 60-Second Personal Commercial

Want to see how Jack Heald crushes it with his 60-second personal commercial?

If you watch my short video today you’ll meet Jack; Jack writes copy.

Jack Heald is the man I’m talking about. And he’s a new addition to the CME marketing team.

Jack is a master storyteller, writer and creative force we welcome to our growing team of marketing professionals who “get it.” (Conversion marketing that is; it’s how we help our customers get more customers.)

Question …

How painful is it for you to nail a 60-second, “personal commercial?” What I mean is you get 60 seconds max to tell your ideal audience what it is you do.

It’s one of the most terrifying things people in business fear. Which is why you’ll see and hear Jack tell you his recent story about how 59 our of about 60 people BOMBED their one shot at nailing their 60-second personal commercial.

Check out the video interview with Jack now.

This is a perfect example of how content marketing, a script to nail in 60-seconds or less, can be for your business.

If you want Jack or any of the other Conversion Marketing Experts to provide a “second opinion” please contact us today. We’re here to help you and we always offer a free, 30-minute ROI Strategy Session to help you with powerful suggestions to get better conversion marketing, sales and business results.

P.S. Here’s a recent article I wrote for The Business Journals about what happens when CEO’s can’t let go of control. Let me know if you ever need a second opinion.

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