Content and Marketing Automation Case Study: How To Increase Your Follow Up Love In Three Simple Steps

When it comes to content and marketing automation I tell like it is. You don’t need to be Albert Einstein to know this …

There is no single piece of software by itself that will solve your marketing problems. The most brilliant technology solution nor people will solve your marketing and sales specific challenge unless they are conversion marketing experts who focus with you and your team on your sales result. Software is a tool. Content is the key.

Given this, take a look at this content and marketing automation case study demonstrated with an exported image from a current Infusionsoft campaign we are optimizing. Ladies and gentlemen, as you shall soon see if you take the 3 minutes to watch the video I just shot. (We sometimes sell Infusionsoft and we earn a commission when we do. We build this into our service offerings and remain agnostic on the software solution of the client’s choice. We are always happy to advise clients on finding the most suitable technology solutions when the need is sound.)

It’s all about your content, focus on goals through a marketing process like the Conversion Marketing Expert process of finding your ideal customer, going where they hang out, and attracting them to engage and learn more about what you can do to solve their problems.

1. Attraction with great, compelling click friendly, share worthy content.

2. Permission to give them the love and follow up.

3. Conversion and retention of paying customers. Never stop loving them!

Do this and feel the love when it comes to your bottom line.

We always appreciate your questions, comments and suggestions here on the Conversion Marketing Experts blog.

To your success and happiness!

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