How To Close The Small Business Sales and Marketing Success Gap-Part 6

Small business sales and marketing success made simple!

Okay, here’s part 6 of our 9-part series revealing simple steps you can take to close your sales and marketing success gap.

So far here’s what we’ve covered …

Stage 1. Establish your baseline. We take a snapshot and set a clear goal.
Stage 2. Target new business. All about your ideal client and unique value or selling proposition.
Stage 3: Attract new leads. Attraction marketing at it’s best. Fill your sales funnel!
Stage 4: Capture new prospects. Conversions to list rock! Earn permission to follow up.
Stage 5: Nurture and follow up. Give them the “love” by automating email and other follow up actions.

Today we’re diving into …

Stage 6: Analyze SALES conversions. This is where the “rubber meets the road” and you can see your cash flow grow!

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To your success.

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