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Need SEO? Make Sure You Do This Before You Hire An SEO Pro

seo pro search engine optimization

So, you’re in the market for an SEO pro, or search engine optimization expert? Perfect. Let me assure you that you will definitely want to do this before you hire an SEO pro. Otherwise, you may not get much for your money. First, it’s important to know what search engine optimization really is. It’s not […]

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Ready for 2017? Here Are 9 Simple Steps For Writing Your Own Marketing Plan

Okay, 2017 is just about here. I know. Scary. Here’s how to write your own marketing plan … and get sales results. When we meet motivated, talented CEO’s and business owners and ask them what they want most for their business, the answer typically boils down to two primary needs: getting and keeping more of […]

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Session 5 of 5: The CME Sales & Digital Marketing Action Plan (DMAP) Training

Welcome the session 5 of 5: a free training preview for business owners, CEO’s, sales and marketing leaders. This short series of training previews will help you … Develop a clear strategy and plan, get people focused on results and get the marketing job done so you produce the results that count for you. We […]

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Session 4: Vision & Your Digital Marketing Action Plan

Welcome to Session 4 of a free training program created to help you get better sales and digital marketing results. This may be the ultimate sales and digital marketing action plan because it’s so simple to learn. The real question for you is, “What do you really want for your business now?” Better conversions of […]

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The High Cost for CEO’s Who Don’t Know Squat About Digital & Content Marketing

Wanna know one of the highest, typically hidden, yet most glaringly, obvious costs any CEO will incur: the high cost of not knowing squat about digital and content marketing. Wearing The Wrong Hats I was having dinner with a CEO friend of mine many months ago. He runs a $50 million company and is incredibly successful. And like […]

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How Solid Is Your Sales and Marketing Action Plan Today?

When it comes to success in business, you need an effective plan. Unless you’re raising buckets of money, you probably don’t need a traditional business or marketing plan. So you agree you need to be more focused and have a clear plan of action for you AND your team. But, how will you find the […]

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