SharpSpring Review: How To Build Your Persona for Ideal Customers

Got SharpSpring or anything like it working for you as the engine for business? This SharpSpring review walks you through the powerful process to build your persona, a detailed description and vision, of your ideal customer. Begin your sales and marketing plan of action, your go-to-market strategy, with the end in mind. For example, who […]

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This Is The One Thing That Kills Sales and Marketing Results The Most


If you’re not getting the sales and marketing results you want for your business, what’s holding you back? Maybe you believe it’s your failed website project, the marketing automation software that didn’t double sales, or the marketing expert who took you for the last ride to hell and back. It’s none of that. It’s fear. […]

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Do This If You Want To Fill Your Sales and Marketing Funnel

SharpSpring Review for marketing automation

What is a sales and marketing funnel and how can it help you grow your business? Simple. This is a short article and video to help you learn how to fill your sales and marketing funnel while you sleep. Want to find, attract, get and keep more customers? Here’s a typical conversation with a business […]

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Is Convrrt the world’s easiest landing page builder for marketing funnels that convert?

If you haven’t heard much about Convrrt, the world’s easiest landing page, builder, get ready. Meet co-founders, Kavin Patel and Dhruv Patel. They know the pain of starting and managing a digital marketing agency. And they both qualify well as conversion marketing experts in our minds. When we first meet Convrrt we took a […]

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What Kinds of Internet Jobs Could Coal Miners In West Virginia Create?

Internet jobs

If you want to know what happens to a small town when most of the jobs disappear, look at West Virginia. The coal miners who’s families worked for generations digging and mining the coal to build America have been devastated. This article was published in the Wall Street Journal well before the elections. Now, the […]

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