3 Simple Steps To End The Insanity of Small Business Sales and Marketing

What is the primary difference between your company and say, Apple Computer or IBM? How about your biggest competitor? Why are they so much bigger than you?

The answer is pretty obvious. Capital, sales, marketing, top-performing talent, systems, investment mindset, luck and more. Whether you finance your growth the way the big boys do or you bootstrap your way way using good old fashioned sales and marketing muscle.

Either way you must stay committed to learning to sell and market better each step along the way. You must invest and watch the numbers. You have to learn and adapt. You have to communicate clearly. And you have to have have a real plan  of action that the people in the business actually follow!

Yet, small business owners live in a different world than the big boys. For a reason! It costs big bucks to grow and run a real sales and marketing operation. And discipline. Follow through. Tenacity. And did I mention capital? Big capital most of us and will never have like the Fortune 1000.

Salary.com reports that the median salary for a marketing director today is $123,144 a year. That’s $10,262 a month. Likely more than 10x the entire monthly marketing budget for stuff like SEO that doesn’t work, social media that gets zero result, and all sorts of gimmicks and tricks that seem to work only a little at the very best.

What about a sales director? Again, Salary.com states it’s $145,151. Ouch. Cost prohibitive. So cruel. You may not even pay yourself that much! As a result, millions of small business owners suffer doing it the only way they know how which is poorly.

So what’s a business owner to do about all this sales and marketing stuff? Here are 3 simple steps to walk yourself through when it comes to getting better performance results without losing your mind and crushing your budget …

  1. Take an honest inventory of where you are now. Is it time to make a change or are you really getting the best possible sales and marketing results? If it’s time to make a change, evaluate the cost-benefits of hiring directly or outsourcing.
  2. If it’s not time to invest in new talent, learn to make more informed decisions yourself when it comes to sales and marketing. Hire a coach. Take more classes. Dedicate and block more time to learning and applying the sales and marketing disciplines that make the most sense for you. Make sure you weigh in “highest and best use” of your time considering the stage of your business and talents.
  3. If your evaluation and self assessment indicates it’s time for you to invest in new talent and hire a sales or marketing director for your business, consider working with someone who can help you bridge the short term gap and ultimately help you hire the right people at the right time.

Either way, you have to learn, grow and make mistakes just like the rest of us. Also, consider that there’s a really good reason most professional athletes, artists, performers and entertainers hire and pay big bucks for coaching, consulting, and advice. They all want to be the best in the world!

How about you? What do you really want for yourself, your company, your current team, your family and really, your life? (That’s what your business is all about isn’t it?) Enjoying your life. Having more time. Maybe more income. Creating real wealth so you can retire or sell the business one day. What will it take to get there?

The bottom line is this. Being your own sales and marketing director (for too long) or hiring the wrong people is insanely expensive. (Median salary for a marketing director is $123,144 and $145,151 according to Salary.com.) That’s big bucks for any company. Too big for the vast majority of small companies to be certain.

Every day otherwise successful business owners reach out for help and solutions …

  • Feeling stressed out wearing too many hats with not enough time to tackle all the sales and marketing work you need to get done every week?
  • Being utterly confused and tired of all the lame and insane pitches you get from agencies, consultants and others for SEO, social media, blogging and more?
  • Wanting an affordable, practical solution to grow with professionals who you can trust?

End the insanity!

Introducing …

“The Ultimate Sales & Marketing Manager” solution by Conversion Marketing Experts. One, low monthly investment you can easily afford while dramatically simplifying your sales, marketing, business and life!

Here’s what you get for only $499.00 per month …

Monthly, one-on-one Performance Reviews via Skype, Google+, etc. Keep score! We set up, optimize and report the numbers.
CME “Send It To My Sales & Marketing Director” Solution (Ongoing) Never get ripped off again. Ask all sales people to send their pitch to us.
CME Success Builder Sales & Marketing Action Planning System Get and stay focused. This tool rocks. We used to charge up to $7,500 for this one-on-one. Customers love it.
CME “Automated Sales Manager” Digital Coaching Program by Email (Weekly) Accountability. Weekly email coaching program to full of tips to help you and keep you motivated.
CME Keyword Review for Content Marketing Success (Monthly) Get the best content to attract people. We review your keywords with you to make sure you are attracting and engaging the right people.
Website/Google Analytics Goal Conversion Goal Performance Tracking (Ongoing) Track daily performance for your top goal. Get automated reporting. We set up and automate your top goal conversion tracking on your site and in Google Analytics.
CME Pro Search Engine Directory Listing Management Solution (Ongoing) Get listed and stay current on all the big search directories. We make sure your website is listed properly in all the major search engine directories and keep it that way.
CME Pro Promotion & Reputation Management Solution (Ongoing) Manage reviews, promos and reputation better. We partner with one of the industry leaders for managing your reviews and promotions.
Plus … Sales and Marketing Toolkit. ($1,500 value included.)
CME Sales Process & Opportunity Optimizer Worksheet More efficient selling. Dial in your sales process and pipeline with this tool.
CME Perfect Customer Persona Builder for Targeting (Ongoing) Target the right people. Target the right prospects and win the best customers using this process.
CME Campaign Building Toolkit (Ongoing) Be disciplined, effective. Just copy and paste our model! Build the right campaigns with the right offers.
CME Sales & Marketing Strategy Kick Off Session Get launched right! Up to 90-minute Strategy Kick Off Session to review your Success Builder action plan.$499 a month. Yup. That’s it.

How much you ask?

Only $499 dollars a month for access to, “The Ultimate Sales and Marketing Director” for your small business.

Want to get on the bus and take advantage of a limited time off to save $499 for the set up fee? (Now through Feb. 15th or the next new, ten accounts.)

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To your success.

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