3 Reasons Why I Torched My Digital Ad Agency For Good

Last year I decided to shut down the digital agency side of my sales and marketing consulting business. You see, over the last 8 years I allowed my consulting practice to morph into services; website design, serious coding, marketing automation integrations, massive shopping carts, affiliate modules, etc.

All of that was great until I realized I was going to lose my mind. Here are the 3 top reasons I torched my digital ad agency for good.

1. It just sucked managing everyone’s expectations. Period. Clients want a house built for a fee. Then they want all the new additions, changes and dumbest of dumb things done to their website with absolutely no data or sound strategic thinking to support squat.

2. The War for Talent almost killed me, emotionally. Look, managing human beings sucks to begin with. Managing super-brilliant, wicked young people sucks worse. These are people who bypassed the traditional education systems because they want to learn faster than arcane institutions could deliver. Their parents taught them how stupid it can be to, “work for the man.” And they do whatever they want when they want. And they steal clients sometimes. That really sucks.

3. I got away from my, “One thing.” I got off my true purpose; to write, teach, coach and consult. That means coaching and training CEOs, business owners and their sales and marketing professionals to build and lead high performance TEAMS and ACTION PLANS aligning all sales and marketing activities. That way my clients have a chance of building and launching sales and marketing campaigns that get measurable results.

That’s the CME Sales & Marketing Success Builder and Action Planning System for small teams. You should check this out! (Shameless plug!)

I am also writing new courses that will be licensed and distributed nationally, perhaps internationally soon, as well.

There are other reasons I could share. They didn’t make me want to leap out of my first-story office window onto the scorching-hot, Arizona gravel that lies outside my office as much as these top three. These were the realizations that got me back to my one thing.

What’s your, “One Thing?” I hope you know it. If not, reach out to me and I’ll do my best to help you figure it out.

To your success and happiness!

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