3 Examples: Content Marketing for Small Business Success

How important is content marketing for small business success?

You've heard me rant about the power of great content marketing and I continue to tell everyone that content is the key to driving better sales and marketing results. Of course, you need talented people to get all the work done. You also need the right systems. Oh, and budget. Yeah, you need to invest money.

Which is all pretty scary stuff for small business owners who are fighting to get the customers, cash flow and capital they need to thrive, let alone survive. It's a competitive, ugly world out there for small business owners, unless you know how to play the content marketing game.

Here's a short video demonstrating three solid examples of content marketing for small business success. These kinds of projects are always in the works and we're crafting and deploying blogs, social media, email, and tons of other great content for CME and for clients.

How does content marketing affect your business and what's keeping you from getting much better content and the sales results that will follow?

I always appreciate your comments, questions and suggestions on the Conversion Marketing Experts blog.

To your ongoing success and happiness.

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